Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences


Rutgers’ Entrepreneurial Agriculture (EA) competitive internship program is for students enrolled or planning to enroll in the EA colloquium. It focuses on the Production Ag & Food industry for hands-on experience of how the industry works and what interventions are needed to add value to the current status of the industry. Interns will share experiences at an EA-Day on the campus in the fall semester following internship experience. Please note the following:

  1. 1. Student selection is based on:
    1. performance in the EA colloquium or related Ag & Food Science courses at Rutgers SEBS
    2. interest in the internship program, and
    3. available internship locales.
  2.  Internship competition is open primarily to juniors expected to return to Rutgers in the fall to give a poster/oral presentation on EA-Day based on their internship experience.
  3. Seniors and graduate students who are continuing at Rutgers in the following fall semester may apply for consideration.
  4. Depending on available funds, students are sent on 8- to 9-week summer internship to PA & F organizations in New Jersey.
  5. Each year application closes in the middle of March and successful applicants are contacted by end of April
  6. Internship period is from second week in June to end of the first week in August.
  7. Each internship locale will have a digital video camera to be used for recording important events and experiences during internship as much as may be allowed by the host company or organization. (The videos and the cameras will be submitted to the Project Coordinator at the end of internship).
  8. Interns are paid a stipend plus an allowance to cover limited travel (to and from internship locale), food (lunch) subsidy and limited materials/supplies.

For further inquiries please contact Albert Ayeni: ; 848-932-6289